BT's Global Zambretti Weathercard Forecaster PHP Scripts For Cumulus
by "Buford T. Justice" / "BTJustice"

You may redistribute and use these PHP Scripts any way you wish as long as they remain FREE and money is not charged for their use directly or indirectly.  If these PHP Scripts are used in your work or are modified in any way, please retain the full credit header.

The variables shown here come from bt-zambretti-cu.php which Cumulus updates during a web update to determine the correct Zambretti Weathercard Forecaster forecast.

12-24 Hour Forecast:
document.write ('Tempo stabile e soleggiato su un raggio di circa 50-60 Km dalla stazione');Tempo stabile e soleggiato su un raggio di circa 50-60 Km dalla stazione

Cumulus Information:
Cumulus v1.9.4 (1099)
Updated: 2019-04-24 12:59 UTC
Weather Station: WH-3080 con sensori solari (& schermatura ventilata Davis)
Location: 39.836944, 16.274167

Current Temperature:
21.3 °C

Barometric pressure (bp), barometric pressure trend (bt), and barometric unit (bu) used by your weather station:
bp = 1012.7
bt = -0.2
bu = hPa

Current month and season:
mn = aprile
sn =

Current average wind direction:
wd = 358° N

In hectopascals (hPa): converted barometric pressure (pc), barometric pressure trend (pt), barometric pressure offset (po) determined by the Season (sn) and Wind Direction (wd), and barometric pressure used (pu) to make a forecast:
pc = 1012.7
pt = -0.2
po = 18
pu = 1030.7